The Family Business Continues . . .

Early on, Hubert Puckett (Owner Jason Puckett’s grandfather) began to ‘learn the ropes’ working for North Alabama Termite Control. The company name changed to Cook’s Pest Control where Hubert continued to work in sales as a manager.

In the early 1990’s, Myron Puckett (Hubert Puckett’s son and Owner Jason Puckett’s uncle) started following his fathers footsteps and joined the Cook’s Pest Control sales force. Three years later, Myron, under his fathers guidance and direction, started Puckett’s Pest Control.

Upon completing High School, Jason Puckett joined his uncle and grandfather at Puckett’s as a Termite Technician.  Jason and his grandfather ran separate routes performing Termite Pretreats and Termite Renewal Inspections.  Myron focused on sales and building the business while other members of the service team ran monthly pest control stops.

Puckett’s Pest Control became a household name in the Madison County area during the huge housing boom that started as Huntsville outgrew it’s boundaries.  Hubert later hung up his hat and enjoyed life in his home woodworking and ceramic shop.  He left a legacy of a customer service focused business in the hands of Myron and Jason.  Despite Hubert Puckett’s failing memory at the age of 82, he could still talk pest control up to his death in May 2006.

In October 2016, Jason purchased Puckett’s Pest Control’s Pest Control division and along with his wife Melanie formed Defense Pest Solutions.  This purchase positioned Jason in the driver seat to bring a modern innovative approach to the business.  Puckett’s Pest Control remains in business today as a Termite Service business.

Defense Pest Solutions is a innovative small business focused on customer service and innovative concepts.  The “solutions” is to focus our position of solving the pest issue rather than controlling. Defense Pest Solutions uses modern technology to schedule, maintain services, communicate with its customers, and bill for payments in the most time efficient and convenient way possible. The service packages rendered are focused on preventing pest entry to the property which in turn will be convenient for its customers. Defense Pest Solutions is one of the few companies in the industry which will still perform inside treatments at no additional charge.